Handstand is an art form of focus, discipline and play.

Our body can do amazing stuff beyond our knowing.

And practicing handstand is one of them.

It is one of those practices that make you excited as well as doubtful about it.

Unlike other exercises, handstands train you to improve your balance, deepen your control, make your upper body stronger and well-coordinated.

On a mental level, it expands your horizon, perceptions, experiences as well as redefine your fears in an extraordinary way.

Practice well, safe and progressively helps make you a better person in your other pursuits in life.

While performing a great handstand is certainly a worthy goal unto itself, you’ll find that the skills you build in the process will transfer over into your other training, making you a better athlete and enhancing your quest toward a better body and a fuller life.

Because it grows you as a human being.

Introduction to Handstand Workshop

That's what this workshop is all about.

This workshop will be a fun way to experience life upside down.

Whether you are looking to kickstart or advance your hand balancing practice, you will learn an effective method which gives you the necessary tools, techniques, and confidence to safely practice and perform a freestanding handstand.

Introducing Adam "Cobra" Khan

Adam is a certified Yoga Teacher and Personal Trainer with many years of training and teaching experience in calisthenics, high-intensity workouts, gymnastics, hand-balancing, weightlifting and a larger variety of martial arts and other movement disciplines.


- Overview of handstanding Anatomy
- Yoga practice
- Core and arm support strength
- Finger control and wrist preparations
- Handstand on wall drills
- Alignment and balance drills
- Entry to Handstand
- Handstand spotting

Teaching style

This workshop will pace each individual’s physical level with personal attention and group coaching from the trainer. There will be a lot of feedback, practice and partner assisted exercises to support each and every participant in finding their zone to perform a handstand confidently.

Next workshop Date: To be announced.

Gallery of our past workshops

Handstand Workshop by Firdaus

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